Tuesday, 16 August 2011

DONE..!!!......hopefully... :P

so now i've taken away a lot of the extra walls and have just left the 2 window frames to excentuate the nature.

 here is the scripting or interactive element playing its part. "snug" "shade please" to bring the 2 elements closer to you, and "but i love the sun" and "let me out" to move them away to make it easier to sit down. the roof is to stop rain and sun, the table moves closer to remove the awkward getting in getting out picnic table situation.

as you can see here the grass and the clump of trees are framed by these hollowed prims.
i chose to stick to straight white prims and sculpties as a texture because it looks clean. and we all know that if we are going to eat our meal we want to eat it somewhere clean!

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