Monday, 22 August 2011


So this thursday was peer reviews! and it was my job to crit Louie V Tong, Louis Ratana, and Lauren Collins

Louie V Tong, was looking at the idea of knowing where our food comes from, he mapped out all of the export/import routes and figured out just how many countries were involved in making one of our simple O'rorke halls meals! it was alarming! His solution was to make a community garden/stall where you could buy cooked food or look at/educate yourself on just where your food came from as it was grown. I really enjoyed this project, i thought it was well developed and the final product was superb! Well done Louie!

Louis Ratana, took a slightly different approach to the augmented reality drawings, he thought the hand done drawings to be too easy and so thought he would challenge himself and try to use the computer software to augment his reality. The images he came up with had an interesting take and seemed to contain more hidden meaning than a lot of the other images i saw, well done Louis. His 1:1 and 1:5 models had a very interesting quality and texture however i would prompt you louis to look more at scale next time to make sure the object is the size that you wanted instead of making the object and then figuring how big it would be in real life. all in all I enjoyed your work! Ka Pai.

Lauren Collins, was retrofitting a park lamp to become a speaker hub where you plugged your ipod in and then it fed out to several speakers aranged around the central pillar. I like this idea but I think it could be difficult making this in real life with the right constraints to make it work in society, with theft and noise pollution and peoples different tastes in music but great concept! Good work Lauren!

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