Tuesday, 16 August 2011

finally made it on!!!!

so today i made my way into studio to finally get back on second life! below are some images of what i have been up to!

so this was a few hours in archmaxthingy!!!! so my idea was to make some kindof park bench thing.
here is my frst attempt

so as you can see it was quite rigid a square whih i like but apparantly we where supposed to include a sculptie... and scripting... hahahha... hence came a head hitting desk and a bit longer before i made mak 2!

so as you can see i've used the sculptie i made and the proble is that on second life because of the interface you could't actually site on it!!! oh no!!! this was a huge huge hassle and so what i did was incorperate the flat boxlike surfaces and the smoothe flowing sculptie aswell as some scripting!

so now because of the flat sitting surface you can actually sit down also the interactive element to help out with an isse i came over because the avatar could not sit because the table was too close to the seat so you could not actually sit... now when you say "snug" the table somes closer, when you say "let me out" it extends, when you type "shade please" the roof lowers when you type "but i love the sun" it lifts.
now what i need to think about is context, where in the site i position my architecture. i think an idea could be to place my object several times all over the site around buildings an also somehow control the view.

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