Wednesday, 10 August 2011

thursday! week 4!

oh yea in studio today! had some more developements to my ideas about mental sustenance, i have decided that the most important factor for mental sustenance is communication. From his idea of communication i have decided to split communication into three main catergories. Communication with others (facebook, twitter, gmail, blogspot, youtube vlogging) communication with God (daily devotionals, prayer guides, worship music, useful encouraging bible verses) and communication with self (serenity, peace, calmness, blue skies, running rivers, slow minimalistic music.) I was thinking of showing these three types of communication or should i say presenting these three types by allowing each to transform the room into a different state, meaning that depending on what the subject types when entering the architecture depends on what of the three themes this building takes. I will try to capture this by probably making a large bloblike strcture simiar to a dome which you enter and then the different panel will be hiden inside the walls, when you say the word, (facebook or others etc.) the correct panels will come forward maing the room smaller sharper edged and also filled with information and ways to sustain yourself socially.

this is an original sketch of my first concept, the final design i imagine will have a lot more panels, somethin similar to my previous work i did with campbell and vas.

i dont want to make another squid but i do like this concept of lots of little sides creating a good complex shape that somehow takes some of the disgusting second life look out of the architecture.

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