Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Wednesday week 4!

talking about the readings, how they talk about the uses of a building and their potential uses, we might design a building as a bedroom but it could be used for limitless other things!
some interesting words he uses,
Topography is the landscape, the natural and artificial physical objects or things in a given space.
Subjective vs subject, subjective is and opinion, subject is a person or thing being observed, subjective is in looking out subject is out looking in.
Object is the building, Subject is the people coming in and out interacting with the object. we are the subjects.
Hermeneutics is to think of and to make of, the layering up of translation trying to think of and understand, going from modelling to sketching to computer generated, translating to get more understanding of your idea.
where do ideas come from? opinion? the opinion that we can do better, improve on what is there.
there is no one right answer the design question, there is only questioning constantly improving and re-visiting.

"the milieu within which performance in architecture unfolds may be called topography, indicating neither the built nor the unbuilt world, but both."

this miss-matched thing will fit that slightly better than that miss-matched thing. no righ answer only a better or worse.

ten (or more) things that architecture is (to me)
-ambiguous yet defined
-defined by experienced
-seeking the better, never finding the best
-ever changing, alive
-harmony between the aesthetic and the technical functionality.
-modelled on what is already there
-abstraction of nature
-distilled nature
-design for comfort
-design for ease
-design for improvement

something that comes out of you and not the exact right answer, taking a romantic approach, socrates.

group 10 things, Architecture is...
...alive, has character and changes
...personal, we all interperet diffirently
...about change, "evolution"
...has an element of visual manipulation
...draws on sensory information
...is reflective of our culture
...architects need to be aware of their own intentionality
...human intervention

mental sustenance, emotional sustenance, spiritual sustenance,
what sustains e mentally spiritually emotionally,
-reading the bible (daily)
-praying (daily)
-call from caitlin (daily)
-"hi's" from people (daily)
-social situations (daily)
-gym (5x a week)
-church on sunday (weekly)
-mealtime converstion (daily)

still has to deal with the dirty end of it, toilet, sewage, shower, plumbing. do you close it away, hide it, incorporate it somehow, "but it's disgusting" why is it so disgusting, could't something that every single person does atleast once a day be designed to be normal, natural, nice??

preparation. sustenance, we sustain to prepare for our day so we are ready to do what we want.

contact with others but having everyone around all the time constant contact with everyone would be too much, need privacy from some people yet others it wouldbe fine, layers of friendship, layers of trust, how much of someone you can handle before they get too much, different barriers you have to get past, barriers of trust.
city as a machine, eat sleep eat excrete sleep machine like, sustenance can become very automatic, boring, something you just do because you have to instead of something you want to, lose the magic of food, of tlaking to someone when you just do it because you know you need to, ENJOY THE SUSTAINING!!!  dont just go through the motions. perception. perspective
. you enjoy doing something if you think its your idea, if someone tells you to you dont want to. when its your idea you will.

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