Sunday, 14 August 2011


so! this weekend was very busy with things that it probibly wasn't supposed to be busy with but, everyone needs a break to sustain ourselves and i pride myself for keeping my sunday as a day off for relaxation and going to church (witch i thoroughly enjoyed) i also managed to catch up on some sleep i had previously lost due to late nights of working! so my current thoughts after talking to judy on thursday and then pondering over the weekend is i am doing a comparison between minimal spaces, the contrast between a prison cell and a similar yet emotionally completely different small room. i have been inspired to make something lending on the idea of the japaneese tea rooms, a room with one purpose, a room with one function, drinking tea, however it is also about rehabilitaion and sustenance and revitalisation. you go to the tea room to recover, to refresh to SUSTAIN! so, i am using this concept but instead of a tea room i am thinking of making a prayer room specifically for the christian faith, prayer rooms should theoretically be redundent because according to this faith we should pray about everything and in all things trust in the lord, this means constant prayer which then lends to the idea that we should not confine prayer to a specific room. thinking of this though why do we have cafe's where people meet to talk, if we talk everywhere why do we then need to go to a special place to talk. well using this same comparison i believe that having a specific special room just for prayer it could help to povide a quiet place for a different kind of prayer aybe longer or more meditative. so. get to it then!!! haha, below are some images of Tea houses in japan

as we can see from these images, sorry about the positioning, blogger is retarded... but the tea rooms seem extremely minimal on the inside having very square and geometric. also seem to have a large connection with the outside, the walls seem light, semi transluscent, its as much about the land scaping as it is about the interior.

to capture this nature in second life could be difficult. i might instead of acutally crating this lnscape use it as a shell texture so it appears to be the view but actually isn't. now i think i will work on the floor plan / function of my room. lets get amongst it.

here are some photos from something i made to go with this idea,

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