Sunday, 7 August 2011

Week 4-5 Sustenance.

Today I turned up to the lecture where Judy started describing our next design theme for the next 2 week project working on second life. Sustenance, this could be food, water, shelter, toiletries, spiritual sustenance, emotional sustenance. She told us to take a log of a 24 our period of our lives to see everything we do to sustain ourselves to give us an idea of the large amount of things we actually have to do to sustain us.

Then we watched an intersting TED talk about the history of food in the life of civilisation and how cities where developed with food in mind, then how instead of utopia we should have sistopia which is place based on food and sustenance.

I still don't fully understand what exactly I am upposed to design but this is usually the case for the first couple of days as i have to slowly struggle to depict and decipher the meaning of these projects trying realise what infact there is to do.

We were given a reading though which i plan on reding tonight and hopefully that will give me some interesting ideas.

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