Monday, 15 August 2011


ok, so now from talking to judy i've changed... developed my idea further and instead of doing a place of spiritual sustenance i have decided to deal with the issue of a place to eat, because in auckland city there are a lot of small shops that do takeaway meals however where do people eat them? on the go? in their cars? why not in my pod! my eating pod thing, even though the tutors are continually saying DON'T MAKE A POD DONT MAKE IT IN A PARK! i think i'm justified! haha! ok so im going to design a series of private yet open eating pods with constricted views or open views of the park, a private place to eat your takeaways that means you dont spill it all over your tie. i might also make some pods that would accommodate for more than one person. possibly 2 singles a double and then a pod for four. anyway! back to the drawing board to sketch up some ideas, hopefully i have my building sorted so i can get on second life and get it made tomorrow. maybe i could make a pod that can connect to others and by scripting set the motion so depending on what number you say then singular pods come together and react to form areas that accommodate for the right number of people.

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